baby cot bed mobiles Baby cot bed mobiles

Baby mobile safety What is a baby mobile?

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  • Simply put, a mobile is essentially a hanging structure that supports baby toys and objects that stimulate and entertain your baby. Why use a baby mobile? In the early stages of life your baby is going to spend much of his time laying on his back. Rather than staring at a boring, flat ceiling, many parents choose to install a baby mobile to give their little baby an interesting and stimulating feature to look at.

    Different types of baby mobiles There are two main types of baby mobiles available.

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  • Ceiling mounted baby mobile Years ago this was the only type of baby mobile available. This mobile is attached to the roof of your house by a hook or screw. The downside of ceiling mounted baby mobiles is that they require a hook or screw to be drilled into your ceiling.

    When the time comes to remove the baby mobile you will need to patch the hole left behind. Crib mounted baby mobile The most popular variety of baby mobile. Since they are able able to support more weight, baby crib mobiles will have more elaborate hangings than their roof mounted cousins. Things to look for when choosing a baby mobile Does it move?

    Your baby will find mobiles that move, sway and jiggle much more stimulating than one that remains. Baby mobiles are designed to move by one of two different sources: These mobiles are incredibly lightweight and require nothing more than a slight breeze to spin around. Mobiles that require air movement are becoming increasingly unpopular as the majority of baby nurseries do not have a constant breeze flowing through them.

    Many parents use an electric fan to make the mobile move. Utilizing a small motor, these baby mobiles can move without even a hint of wind. With nothing more than the push of a button, your baby mobile will burst into action. The downside of mechanical baby mobiles is that they require batteries to operate. Mechanical baby mobiles are also known as electronic baby mobiles. Directions of movement Gone are the days where baby mobiles do little more than spin in a circle. Not only do modern baby mobiles turn but can also move up and down, even alternate between rotating clockwise then counter clockwise.

    If your young baby loves watching objects move in different directions then consider purchasing a mobile with more than a single axis of movement.

    Types of toys Baby mobiles come in hundreds of designs, each with different types of toys hanging off them. Before you get flustered by so much choice, there is a simple way to make sure you purchase a baby mobile that your baby wont get bored of. Does your little one love cars?

    This will ensure the mobile is well received by your baby. Type of crib This point only applies if you are considering a crib mounted baby mobile. Despite their name, crib mobiles will not fit every single type of baby crib out there.

    baby cot bed mobiles Baby cot bed mobiles

    There are just too many different variations of cribs for a single baby mobile to accommodate. If you have a slightly unusual baby crib it is worth checking with the supplier to make sure that it will fit properly.

    Baby mobile safety What is a baby mobile? Since they are able able to support more weight, baby crib mobiles will have more elaborate hangings than their roof mounted cousins.

    Some baby mobiles fit best on rounded cribs while others slot nicely onto cribs with square rails. If you find that your baby mobile does not attach correctly to your crib then immediately discontinue use.

    For some it will be a simple color, for others a lively theme such as jungle or nautical. Be sure to shop around, there is a baby mobile to suit just about every nursery theme. It makes sense that many mobiles feature a music box to help soothe your baby to sleep. There are two different types of baby mobile music boxes: Wind up Wind up music mobiles require you to physically turn a key or handle.

    Battery operated Battery operated musical mobiles play a melody at the push of a button. Some even allow you to choose between multiple melodies. The downside of being battery operated means that these mobiles will not make a sound once the battery has drained.

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    Be mindful that each baby mobile will play music for a different length of time. While some play music for up to 20 minutes, others play it for as little as 30 seconds. Be sure to look at the music duration when shopping around for a mobile. Another thing to watch out for is the volume level of the musical mobile.

    They can get too hot because the room is too hot, or because they have too much bedding or clothing. Bathroom with shower and toilet.

    The music should be soft, soothing and melodic. Organic baby mobiles If you have gone to the effort of making sure every other baby product you have purchased is organic then you will be happy to know that you can also buy organic baby mobiles. Unfortunately, organic mobiles are much harder to locate.

    If organic products are important to you then you will need to be prepared to hunt around. There are many baby mobiles that are not designed with your baby in mind. It matters what it looks like from underneath. This is the view of the mobile that your baby is going to see while laying on his back. While a baby mobile may seem super exciting to you, be sure to lift it above your head and take a look at what it looks like from underneath.

    If the mobile is much less exciting from this angle then your baby wont find it overly stimulating. Remember, baby mobiles are made to entertain your baby, not you. Where are you going to hang your mobile? The last thing to consider when buying a baby mobile is where you will position it in your house. While the majority of parents will hang a mobile over the baby crib, there are plenty of other places a mobile can be installed. This way your baby will have something to entertain him while you change his diaper.

    While there is no wrong location to hang a baby mobile, it will be most effective if it is in clear view of your little one. Extra features Baby mobiles can come with many different additional features including: Flashing lights Portable clips to carriers, strollers etc. Removable toys so your baby can play with them in the day Operable by remote control Glow in the dark And that is just a few of the more common features. Unfortunately no single baby mobile will have all these features. You may need to compromise on what is most important to you and your baby.

    The best baby mobiles Now that you know what to look for when buying a baby mobile, lets take a look at some of the most popular baby mobiles available.



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