cot bed baby elegance Cot bed baby elegance
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  • A big arrival not Baby but a beautiful Baby Elegance Cot! I have noticed that I keep saying that recently and perhaps it is even more noticeable when you have a big date pencilled in your diary!

    cot bed baby elegance Cot bed baby elegance

    Rather, it was the beautiful new cot from Baby Elegance that I have chosen to be the centrepiece of our nursery. As you progress through pregnancy, time seems to speed up! Until now, I was delaying organising the nursery room because I wanted to wait until the latter stages of pregnancy before making the final interior changes.

    With only a few weeks left to go, I now need to get organised as a matter of urgency and make sure that we have everything in place.

    I want to purchase this cotbed but would like to spend a little more to get a better mattress. Caroline Hi there, I can advise that the mattress that is included is the one that is in the following link:

    The Baby Elegance Cot The arrival of the cot was a big moment. This is when everything became very real and it transformed our normal-looking spare room in to a proper nursery.

    I had altered some of the decoration in the room by using stencil artwork to give it a special touch, but until the cot arrived, the room seemed rather empty. That all changed thanks to the arrival of the beautiful Baby Elegance cot, which makes a welcome statement and really brings the room to life.

    The cot is utterly beautiful. Made from solid wood and boasting intricate white railings, it is substantial in size, yet also manages to look incredibly graceful.

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    It is available in three colours but I have opted to follow a white theme throughout, although the antique pine version is also very pleasing to the eye. One of the main reasons that I chose the cot from Baby Elegance was that it suits babies and children at various stages. You can change the height of the base platform as your baby becomes bigger and it also transforms in to a junior bed. Among the bedding options is the Anti-Allergy Fibre Mattress, which is guaranteed to provide a safe environment for your new-born.

    If you have become a bit of a scatter brain during pregnancy like me at times , then having a full product range arrive in one go for a specific need helps relieve some of the stress involved with making sure that you have ticked every box when it comes to the long list of items that you need.

    A cot is obviously pretty essential and something that you will likely want to prioritise.

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  • If you are looking for a beautiful, spacious and safe cot for your new arrival, Baby Elegance has a wonderful range and the service with this company is also excellent.

    While I went for the chic white version, I have added in some extra colour and playful touches already thanks to a bunny rabbit themed mobile and hand sewn quilt.

    Pocket spring mattresses — which have small springs, each encased in its own fabric covering — are generally more expensive. Emma Hi Emma No I am sorry I am unable to find images of the junior bed however both sides come off when converting and the base lowers also.

    Hopefully, Baby will approve. Products can also be bought separately. Purchase it online here.

    cot bed baby elegance Cot bed baby elegance

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