cot beds for sale in zimbabwe Cot beds for sale in zimbabwe

News Bootstrapping entrepreneur Louis Pulzone: Crossing the transformation river one step at a time LONDON — As he explains it, the arrival of his first born five years ago pushed Louis Pulzone into starting a business in the garage. He has an interesting story: And is now determined to provide the right example for his two young sons. For us as a company and for me personally I believe that corporations can make a difference.

I believe that individually we can, but corporates as well. One, of how these less fortunate people are living. Personally, I have two small little boys five and two years old and every day we make it our purpose to make a small difference whether it be sometimes just giving money to somebody or sometimes just talking to somebody.

As part of my trying to be a better dad, I do tend to get them involved in working with people as well. Thank you very much. Yes, one gains empathy. Yes, I suppose so.

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  • Do you have all day? When did you start your business? In , while sort of desperate I suppose. In a sense I moved to the big city, Joburg via Bloemfontein and was basically unable to find work.

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  • My firstborn was on his way and yes, I started a business because I came from the training industry and I started consulting, as obviously we did not have the finance to get accreditation and everything that goes with it.

    I started consulting and training and working with different providers and at one stage decided that I could do it better than others I suppose.

    We started in a small garage at my house a week before my first son was born and it grew from there. Look, I ultimately believe that each individual can make his own choices; I believe that it does boil down to that. That and my passion took me through those difficult times. Yes, I definitely agree. I asked a simple question and I drew a picture on a whiteboard of a guy sitting on a tractor. In addition, different preconceived ideas no doubt.

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  • As you can imagine we were three brothers, we grew up in Kroonstad on a potato and pig farm. I think with our limited education that we got for example, when I went to school, an agricultural school in Kroonstad I believe that we had limited access to other cultures and those who were there you avoided.

    That was just the way we were, our own culture was and with my father as well, you had a white farmer, and he had a couple of black people that worked for him. Today out of our seven people in Exco, five people are African because they make me think completely differently and that I believe is the big success of our company and that was a big part of the transition that I believe I made into having a more open conversation, ideas from absolutely everywhere.

    Louis, I have to ask you, do those members of your Exco all support your sponsorship of the Blue Bulls?

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    Are they all rugby fans? Ah, well no, not at all. Look, rugby on its own is a discussion and I suppose a fight in most cases, but yes, the majority of us do, they do understand the business side of it, penetrating the Pretoria market.

    Maybe we can start with Nelson Mandela because this SleepOut is to celebrate him. What did you take from his life? Then perhaps you could tell me about other people who inspired you? I believe that education as a fundamental can be re-differentiated between a social stance and that education creates opportunity.

    Sarah-jane, United Kingdom We loved the overall atmosphere of the Cimon. All guest rooms feature a wardrobe. We have 11 heel tip sizes.

    I honestly believe that. That to me really stood out and obviously I believe that once you have a good mind you can do business and you can probably get along in South Africa. Looking at other role models, what about a guy like Bill Gates, does he inspire you?

    I believe that he had the persistence and had the commitment through difficult times to build a brand more than a company.

    cot beds for sale in zimbabwe Cot beds for sale in zimbabwe

    We might think the same. For me building a company is one thing, but I also want LFP to be a recognisable brand and I believe he set out to build a brand and not only a company. The involvement of this goes way beyond just giving. I believe that this should be a third pillar of being successful in your own life, which we all know, money does not determine success.



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