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  • Key points on how much bedding should be placed on baby in a sleeping environment Dress baby and use layers as you would dress or use layers yourself: Babies manage heat loss very efficiently when placed on the back to sleep with the head uncovered. Consider using a safe baby sleeping bag one with fitted neck, armholes or sleeves and no hood. A useful guide is to dress baby as you would dress yourself: If baby has a minor illness and has a temperature it is common for parents or carers to overdress baby for sleep11 but in fact, fewer bedclothes should be used or, at times, none at all.

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  • Both hyperthermia unusually high body temperature and hypothermia unusually low body temperature are important to avoid during infancy. In fact, research has shown that babies sleeping on the tummy are at ten-fold the risk of SUDI while sleeping in a heated room.

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    Increased temperature, whether due to head covering or by increasing room temperature depresses arousal responses and reduces autonomic control of heart rate. This can be best achieved by placing them on the back to sleep with the head uncovered and removing some bedding or clothing.

    cot bed electric blanket Cot bed electric blanket

    If baby is overly warm to touch, or showing signs of heat stress irritability, looking unwell, floppy, drier skin, refusing to drink or having fewer wet nappies than usual then see your doctor or health professional immediately. Can we say exactly how many blankets to use when baby is placed to bed?

    The simple answer is — No.

    Blankets of this type can be used to pre warm the bed and then be turned down to a lower setting for all night use. It is also recommended by some experts that a cot with bars on all four sides is better, as it allows air to circulate freely while your baby sleeps.

    Red Nose recommend that rather than state how many bedclothes can be safely placed on a baby, parents can work out the amount of bedding to be used after considering these factors: The room temperature where baby is sleeping. How hot does the baby feel?

    cot bed electric blanket Cot bed electric blanket

    Whether the baby has a cold or infection or another special need. Sleeping baby in a safe baby sleeping bag: For further information on Safe Sleeping phone us on Bedding amount recommended for safe sleep.

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  • This information statement was first posted in and updated in June View the references for this article here.



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