cot bed variable height Cot bed variable height

Thousands of new parents in the UK spend countless hours trying to figure out the best cot bed that fits their budget and also meets all the basics. Built for safety and comfort, the MCC cot bed is made from the highest grade New Zealand pine, ensuring top-notch comfort and performance. In addition to the top-rate safety standards, this cot bed comes with all the nifty accessories and features that are usually reserved for high-end pieces.

Split end panels allow you to turn the cot into a toddler bed with ease. A variable base height allows for different height modes depending on your particular circumstances. In the same regard, the highest height mode allows for easy access to your baby during the early weeks when they need frequent attention. The sides are slatted to allow for easy airflow inside the cot, keeping your baby cool and happy.

The cot is better then expected im so pleased with it.

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  • I would recommend this to all my friends amazing product. It is well made and the white paint finishes it off perfectly. The Kirsty comes in 3 colours including the popular and trendy white finish, in addition to Country Pine and Natural.

    The white model offers a lot of versatility when it comes to matching modern interior decor. The Natural and Country Pine varieties have a rustic appeal to them so they work best with more traditional decor. The Kirsty also has 3 adjustable height modes, ensuring that your baby is safely accommodated right from birth through to 6 years old.

    The slatted sides — a standard on most modern cot beds — ensure easy airflow to keep your tot fresh and content. A serpentine rail atop the sides protects your baby from hurting himself if he starts biting at his bed. The lower sections of the back and front ends can be detached and the cot bed adjusted to the lowest height to convert it into a junior bed. The Kirsty also comes with some nifty storage features in form of a Rollaway Drawer or the Saplings Cot Top Changer, perfect for tight spaces.

    Mattress size for the Kirsty is x 70cm.

    Bed grab handles are unsafe to be used as bed rails as they are designed only to aid children getting in and out of bed and move around whilst in bed. The Klearside has two styles of sides — non-perforated clear vinyl and perforated clear vinyl with rows of tiny holes within the vinyl. The raised sides of the Theraposture Safe-T Bed provide greater stability, stronger locking mechanisms and vastly increased safety when compared to traditional integrated or add-on metal side rails.

    The mattress is purchased separately. Get the Kirsty if you want all the basics of a standard baby cot bed, along with some extra storage space for those things your baby cannot do without.

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  • It is completely solid and easily turns into toddler bed. Easy to follow instructions for assembling. This solid wood cot bed comes with 3 detachable bars to allow for hassle-free access to your baby.

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    Alternatively, you can keep the base position at the highest level to easily reach your baby from the open top. The Saplings Kirsty cot bed offers a good balance between price and practicality. It comes with just enough features to see your baby through his first two years without breaking the bank. The Solid Wood Baby Cot Bed also comes in a trendy white coating and is sold with a fitting, water-repellent mattress made in the EU, thus complying with all safety standards.

    cot bed variable height Cot bed variable height



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