cot bed under drawer Cot bed under drawer

This particular gift is for Olivia, Grace's friend that she has known from birth. And while we were building this doll crib for Olivia, Grace mischievously whispered, "Mom, let's give Olivia the doll bed and I can have the crib. And it's especially nice to give your time and creativity, in the form of something you made with your hands.

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  • I'm not sure how much actually registered in the mind of a three year old. Princess dresses go better with Uggs, over top of your clothes.

    Does she seem thrilled to give away this present? Especially after we built it together, painted it together, and sewed all the bedding and mattresses, it seemed Grace was rather reluctant to part with this doll crib. I was a bit worried when we went to the party.

    cot bed under drawer Cot bed under drawer

    When Grace and I arrived at the birthday party, we left our gift in the entryway because shame on me some of the paint wasn't quite dry. While Olivia was unwrapping her gifts, I was so impressed with all of the children there, genuinely happy for the birthday girl, never showing any signs of resentment or jealously.

    But about half way through the gifts, Grace jumped up and ran over to me and whispered in my ear, "Mom, where is our gift for Olivia? Can I give it to her now? On the car ride home, Grace was quiet. As we pulled into the yard, she said, "Mom, let's make presents for everyone this Christmas!

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  • I've often wondered, waiting long hours in lines at stores over the holidays, being run over by shopping carts, or seeing kids get piles of presents, over stimulated by beeping and flashing toys, or upset over not getting what they wanted. But this experience was so joyful and fulfilling.

    It IS better to give, especially when you can give from the heart. I challenge you this Christmas to give at least one gift that you put your heart and time into, to handmake just one gift. And over the next few weeks, I will be blogging all the gifts that I handmake, for both little girls and little boys, to teens, and adults as well. Today's plan is for Olivia's doll crib.

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    This crib is so many times cuter in person than in the pictures. I only had about five minutes to snap photos in the garage. I'm most regretting not getting a photo of Grace sitting inside the crib, pretending to be a baby. This crib is strong and big.

    This 2 piece set includes a cot bed and under cot drawer. Tweet This charming Tranquillity cot bed and under drawer set displays an opulent charm. I only had about five minutes to snap photos in the garage.

    And if you would like to handmake the gift tag, you can go here to print this graphic out and add your text. I pasted mine on scrapbooking paper.



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